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There have been new and exciting renovations and project initiatives that have been implemented recently.   In the past few years, St. Ignatius has moved resident care away from a medical model to one of Resident Centered Care.  Dining changes that include ordering from menus, relaxed meal times and different dining areas, have resulted in excellent reviews from residents, patients and family members.  A new Healing Garden allows our residents, rehab patients and staff to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors in what is a beautiful, easy accessible garden, complete with walkways designed for comfort to those in wheelchairs and walkers.  There are benches, a waterfall, bridge, fish pond, gazebo and a shaded area under large colorful sails.

In the Healing Garden, the Blessed Mother grotto was donated by Margo and Dan Polett, long time supporters of the Home and the gazebo was dedicated by the Clarence Venne Family Foundation in honor of Clarence and Anne Venne. The walkway through the waterfalls and pond were built with the help of the Meacham and Manns Families and the benches through out the garden have been provided by many of our donors.  There is also a donor wall that has brick tiles from our many donors who have purchased a tile to honor or memorialize a loved one.

An all glass solarium overlooking the lushly landscaped healing garden are areas that will be enjoyed by our residents, rehab patients, staff and visitors.  The solarium was made possible by John Dockray in memory of his late wife, Edie Dockray.  Come visit us and see the many new and exciting changes that have occurred. It is with your support that we have been able to make these enhancements!™