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Father John Mitchell
The original St. Ignatius Nursing Home was founded by Monsignor John T. Mitchell, the pastor of St. Ignatius Church.  Father Mitchell was a man who cared deeply about his aged and poor parishioners.  During visitations, he found many of them living in deplorable conditions.  Determined to remedy this crisis Father Mitchell found a nearby abandoned house on property acquired by St. Ignatius Parish and after making much needed repairs opened the doors of St. Ignatius Nursing Home on December 18, 1952.
The need for residential care of destitute seniors continued to increase throughout the parish as well as the entire Philadelphia region.  In 1956, St. Ignatius Nursing Home was able to move into the vacated St. Edmond’s Home for Children where the Holy Rosary Sisters took over the administration and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia officially dedicated it as a licensed  nursing home.  stinrc1956
Within one year, both the nursing home and annex were filled to capacity.   Although St. Ignatius Nursing Home was a Catholic faith based facility, Residents were chosen in accordance with St. Ignatius’ philosophy of open doors to all regardless of race, creed, national origin or the ability to pay.  Early Residents were German, French, Polish, Irish, African American and of all different religious backgrounds.
The needs of the community continued to grow and the home needed to expand and modernize. Ground breaking for a new building began on November 3, 1968 and on October 12, 1971 the present facility was opened.

New Building 1971

On July 1, 1986, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia transferred sponsorship of the Home to the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Felix (Felician Franciscan Sisters).  The Felician Franciscan Sisters arrived on July 15, 1986, led by Sister Mary Agatha Cebula.  The Felician Franciscan Sisters and their dedicated staff at St. Ignatius Nursing Home continued to care for seniors of limited income as part of their sacred mission.  Their compassionate healthcare ministry is a tribute to the legacy of Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, the Foundress of the Felician Franciscan Order.

Sisters Arrive
Sister Agatha became Administrator of the Home and under her direction St. Ignatius Nursing Home flourished despite facing many seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  In July of 2005, Sister Agatha took on the challenge of Director of Mission Integration and John Meacham, Assistant Administrator for 20 years was appointed Administrator.  Under Sister Agatha's and John Meacham’s leadership there have been many new initiatives including the building of Angela Court I (2003) and II (2008).  In 2010, Resident-centered care was implemented.  The Healing Garden, the Solarium and Rehab Unit were added in 2012 and the new name change and logo became effective during the celebration of 60 years of compassionate community care.