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Pastoral Care

Sister Bakita and Resident

About Pastoral Care

St. Ignatius’ staff recognizes the challenges of leaving familiar settings: homes, families, friends, pets and customary independence. This experience may lead to some signs of spiritual distress.  The pastoral care staff is committed to honoring and respecting individual thoughts, feelings, concerns, needs and personal preferences in a spirit of confidentiality. Pastoral visits provide empathetic presence that affirms personhood, self-worth, dignity, decrease isolation; allows persons to find their own answers and for religious persons mediates divine care.  In a spirit of universal companionship, STINRC, a Catholic faith based facility, respects and honors the views of all religions, denominations and personal philosophies.

Pastoral Care Associates

St. Ignatius Pastoral Care Associates are committed to respecting your spiritual needs and welcoming members of your family and faith traditions.

Contact a Pastoral Care Associate
¨ Ask a care nurse or social worker to make a referral
¨ Call extension 277 (on-site)
¨ Call 215-349-8800 ask for ext. 277 [off-site]

Sister Stephanie Henry and Resident

Religious Services

Daily Mass: Monday - Friday: 9:30 am
Sunday Mass: 9:30 am
Location:  Chapel on the second floor.
Various Visiting Local Community Church Services- See monthly STINRC Activity Calendar for times and locations