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Administrator John Meacham


John Meacham


John W. Meacham, CEO/Administrator, St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center in Philadelphia, PA, has retired. With over 46 years of exceptional leadership, experience, and visionary advocacy for low income senior services, including 34 years at St Ignatius, John has spent tireless hours and dedication in advancing the ministry of the Felician Franciscan Sisters.  John’s concern for low income and infirmed elders in the West Philadelphia area is reflected in the many services, programs, and initiatives he has implemented at St. Ignatius and his time spent on numerous outside boards and committees, all in his efforts to help those in need.  His commitment to the community and neighborhood are evidenced by his successful endeavors to develop affordable housing units and current efforts to build a visionary personal care facility available to frail low income Philadelphia residents.  In addition to his many professional accomplishments, John was praised by the Board for “his compassion, courage, personal faith, diplomacy, resourcefulness, generosity and humility”.  According to David Ward, Board member and Senior Ministry Advisor of Felician Services, Inc., “John’s greatest influence can be by his example, inspiring others to grow, to nurture others, and to lead a balanced life.”
His service was celebrated in many ways by residents and their families, employees, friends, benefactors and the Board of Trustees, past and present.
On Thursday, January 12, a "Meet and Greet" celebration took place with managers and employees from all departments of the facility having an opportunity to thank and share moments with John.  Each individual department prepared a skit, a song, or a dedication. Each department creatively thanked John with presentations reflective of their particular discipline, each one "uniquely effective," according to Sister Veronica Marie Lucero, Pastoral Care. Nursing prepared a discharge plan for John with specific points on how to spend his retirement.
On Friday, January 13, John enjoyed an Ice Cream Social with the Residents where they sang their rendition of "Thank You, John" to the tune of "Jingle Bells," composed and led by STINRC Music Therapist, Seth Laucks.
The highlight of the festivities was on Thursday, January 19; an evening hosted by the Board of Trustees at STINRC, which was transformed into "John W. Meacham National Park," abounding with waterfalls, foliage, animals, and even Smokey the Bear! This ambiance was selected as a prelude to evoking John's Bucket List of visiting National Parks upon retirement.
The evening was for family, friends, and associates from all venues of John's life. It was an evening of opportunity to thank John for his stewardship of STINRC. The guest list included Dave Ward, Senior Ministry Advisor of Felician Services Inc., Ron Barth, president of LeadingAge PA, the organization that represents nursing homes in Pennsylvania, eight Felician Sisters, six Mercy Sisters, and three Blessed Sacrament Sisters.
In a touching moment during the evening, the entire Meacham family, including wife Maureen, four sons, three daughters-in-law, and two grandsons, along with Dan Polett, Trustee Emeritus, and a very dear friend of STINRC since 1986, and SM Agatha Cebula paid their tributes via video.
In John's closing remarks, he credited the Felician Sisters who taught him in elementary school in Windsor, CT, at Saint Gabriel's School, for giving him a good
education and modeling the Felician Core Values for Ministry at an early age.
John also thanked everyone for their generous spirit of sharing friendship and treasure. He encouraged all present to continue to give at a time when healthcare is increasingly challenged. John and his family pledged to continue their support of STINRC.
It is the beginning of a new relationship.

Contributed by Sister Mary Agatha Cebula