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S. Veronica M. Lucero, CSSF

Director of Mission Integration


Sister Veronica and Resident


St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center, a Catholic healthcare ministry of the Felician Franciscan Sisters, welcomes all and responds to the needs of the whole person as revealed in the healing ministry of Jesus. We serve our communities by providing care and integrating our essential core values: Dignity of all Persons, Excellence through Compassion, Community through Transformation, Stewardship through Justice and Peace, Concern for the Poor.
In October of 2015, the Felcian Sisters of North America provided a 500 piece puzzle of Mother Mary Angela Truzkowska, founder of the Felician Sisters, to every local community of Felician Sisters in North America. It was around this time that Sister Veronica Lucero was transferred to West Philadelphia as a pastoral care provider at St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center.  Back then when evening came, Sister would put a piece or two of the puzzle in place as a way to commit to this new assignment with love, inspiration and dedication.
Soon Sister Veronica knew all the residents by name on all three floors and would look forward to the day’s events knowing that everywhere she went there was someone to be kind to, to laugh or cry with, to accompany and most importantly to pray with.  Daily Mass fueled the day and focused all her energy on the tasks at hand. Soon she found herself a viable member of the pastoral care team and then one day in the early summer of 2017, a sudden vacancy occurred in the mission office and Sister felt a nudge to apply for the position of Mission Integration Leader. With the support of family and community Sister Veronica became the Mission Integration Leader on September 18, 2017.
Now the focus is working closely with employees; engaging them in the Felician Franciscan story of love of God and love of neighbor. Sister Veronica says she was inspired by SM Agatha Cebula, CSSF, “you must always have a prayer in your pocket in this new role,” needless to say she was right. Sister Veronica works tirelessly to model St. Ignatius Nursing Home and Rehab Center’s core values by working alongside St. Ignatius employees in their area of expertise. She has come to appreciate all departments and the following reflection is a simple observation that underscores the appreciation she feel for all those she helps:

In Our Home
Nursing and Medical experts work to heal those living in our home.
Environmental Service personnel tend to the cleanliness of our home.
Activities personnel create and enhance our seasonal environment and the creativity of our home.
Dining Services satisfies the need for tasty food and drink in our home.
Physical and Occupational Therapies stimulate mobility and independence in our home.
Maintenance personnel assure that we live in a safe, comfortable home.
Administrative personnel work to ensure that protocols and procedures are conducive to a happy home.
Admissions and Social Services promote family integrity and unity for all those living in or considering our home.
Development personnel continue to ensure the viability of our mission by reaching out to those that value our home.
Pastoral care providers serve the spiritual needs of those living in our home.
In our home, we serve where we are needed. In our home we support those who need us. In our home, in our home, “Love of God and neighbor,” is our home.