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Sister Maureen Lowry, RSM,

Pastoral Care Associate, Retires


Sister Maureen Lowry


Sister Maureen Lowry’s smile and daily greetings are missed. She, fondly known as “Marie” to some Residents, retired November 2016, after nine and a half years of service. Sister Maureen’s contribution to the pastoral care department and valued administrative expertise are highly regarded by Residents and employees of
St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center.

This seasoned pastoral care associate had a way of encouraging all those in her company to see life’s challenges in a positive light. While interacting with Residents, her cheery disposition and affirming remarks brought smiles, nods, and gratitude from many Residents. One, in particular, relished the “one on one” chats prior to the commencement of daily Mass. Sister Maureen’s warm and engaging ways also extended to employees. Many found in her a genuine and straightforward approach to life’s trials. She reminded all employees to keep focused on the needs of the Residents and to see each perceived set back as an opportunity for new life. Many looked forward to the start of a new day, as her morning addresses of prayer, reflection, storytelling and Philadelphia fervor lovingly informed the start of each new day.

For new pastoral care associates, Sister Maureen re-affirmed how to be attentive to important telling details when relating with Residents. Simple things like noticing a Resident’s facial expressions, body language, verbal and non-verbal cues, were in Sister Maureen’s experience, ways of being sensitive to a Resident’s full past, hopeful present and optimistic future. This was evident when Sister Maureen led communion services in chapel when a priest was not available.  Her remarks at communion services were profound reminders of God’s marvelous blessing on all aspects of life.

Sister Maureen’s retirement Mass was held at St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center’s chapel on November 15th and was attended by Residents, administrators, employees and friends. On this festive occasion, Monsignor Federico Britto prayed the following words of blessing by the Irish poet, John O’Donohue: “Now is the time to enjoy your heart’s desire, to live the dreams you’ve waited for, to awaken the depths beyond your work and into your infinite source.”

Contributed by Sister Veronica M Lucero, CSSF and
Sister Stephanie Henry, SBS, Pastoral Care