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Susan McCrary

Named New Administrator

Susie McCrary


In January of 2017, Susan McCrary took over the helm from John Meacham as the Administrator of St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center.  Susie had been the Assistant and Associate Administrator for 8 years and worked closely with John for over 14 years, being involved with almost every aspect of running the facility. Susie is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and has her NHA (degree in Nursing Home Administration), Fellows in Leadership Program, and an MBA in Health Administration from Eastern University (completion 2017).

She is also very active in the community and with boards. She is a Board member of LeadingAge PA, Hope Partnership for Education, St. Rosa of Lima Catholic School and Angela Housing Services.  Susie has been the cornerstone behind many of the implemented programs at St. Ignatius, especially the personal choice dining program, and has been actively involved in the leadership and vision of where St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab is headed.  The ministry of the Felician Franciscan Sisters have put their full support behind Susie, and John Meacham is proud that Susie will be moving forward with the initiatives that they have worked together on for many years.