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Therapist with Resident

St Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center has a fully staffed Rehab team that includes Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists available 7 days a week as needed.
The interdisciplinary team approach, along with individualized evaluation and plan of care help:
  1. Ensure a smooth transition back to the community for the short term stay residents and

  2. Maintain and enhance the functional ability of our long term residents.

Therapist with resident

The rehabilitation team has successfully evaluated and discharged residents with varied diagnoses including residents who came for rehab after undergoing joint replacements, amputations, auto accidents, stroke, fractures and while recovering from a disabling illnesses or surgeries that caused a decline in their ability to manage independently in the community.
The rehab gymnasium has all the equipment needed to fulfill rehab needs of our residents and includes exercise equipment, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms to help residents practice Activities of Daily Living in a practical or homelike setting.