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John Meacham Retirement

Susan Mccrary named new administrator

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Sister Maureen Lowry, RSM, Retires


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Activities Entertainment

St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center activities are designed to provide entertainment, socialization, relaxation and stimulation of all senses to residents of varied interests.  Residents are given the opportunity to express their creative skills and talents through a range of therapeutic recreation, while fulfilling basic psycho-social needs.  We use recreational activities to enhance or maintain current physical, cognitive, social and spiritual abilities of our residents. It is also an opportunity to gain new interests and rekindle past interests and find new methods of self-expression
St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center organizes a number of enjoyable events throughout the year.  Activities are planned monthly and in response to suggestions provided at the monthly Resident Council Meetings.
In addition, St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center strives to keep our residents involved in local and regional community events and keep the community involved with St. Ignatius Nursing & Rehab Center.  Community outings include shopping trips, sporting events (e.g. Phillies game), movies, restaurants, concerts, plays, museums, and so much more.

Please glance at our monthly activities calendar below:

Activities Calendar

Phillies Game
outside activities